Monday, August 22, 2011


Honna is the oldest sister; she took on the
motherly role when their mother left. You can say she’s the most normal sibling. In this picture, I made her sad because she is full of regrets. She is 23 years old; she doesn’t have a job, steady relationship and still live with her father. She blames her mother because Honna had to sacrifice her own life to stay with her young sisters who she feels don’t appreciate her charity. She doesn’t get along with Nya (middle child) because Honna feels Nya doesn’t appreciate the sacrifices Honna made. Honna dropped out of college to make sure things were running smoothly at home. However, now she has become Daddy’s chasm in his wallet. She’s always asking for money to get her hair done, clothes and she is very high maintenances. Basically, she’s a freeter. Freeter is a Japanese expression for people who are free loaders. Currently, Honna not comfortable in the skin she’s in; she acts like she’s confidence in herself but she’s really a nervous wreck. She envies Nya’s complexion because she’s the lightest of the bunch. When Honna was in high school, she found out the only reason guys were interested in her was because they were curious; she was exotic and packed a little extra if you know what I mean; they didn’t necessarily liked her. She discovered this sad truth the hard way. After several heartbreaks, she learned to use her body to get what she want when she want it. Oh and a little jokes that goes on into the Rhodes’ house is that Honna is her Dad’s wife (making her mommy) because she replaced her mom. By all means their relationship is strictly father and daughter… or is it.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Although I haven't been posting, I'm still working on my research and dialogue of this manga. Currently I'm working on the physical features of Nya but I have Honna's down pack. So hopefully sometime this week when I'm able to get internet I will post a pic and characteristics of Honna.