Sunday, October 16, 2011


Era (ee-rah) is Honna’s Nya’s and Mitzo’s cousin from their mother side. She is about a couple of months younger than Mitzo so they both are first years in high school. Era moves in with the Rhodes sisters two weeks after the death of her parents. She is a Sabbath keeper. Basically she is a Christian who worships God on the seventh day of the week. Era discovered a dark secret about her cousin and put it upon herself to teach them about God to help them in the many trials they would have to face in the future. Era is known for carrying her bible with her 24/7 and talking to God. She’s a vegan and sincerity sweet. You may sympathize with her because the Rhodes sisters are going to give her hell. But on some parts I believe you will laugh. She really wishes to get close to Mitzo, but Mitzo hates her guts.
Oh just to let you know it took me forever to draw Era (need more “How to draw Manga” books). When I first drew her she looked just like Tohru Honda from Fruit Basket (Best Manga Ever!!) but Sam (my bf) wasn’t too happy about that so I had to change her hairstyle.
Ps. Sam hates how Era looks, but I love it. He took forever to shade it that’s why my post is so late.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Oh Mitzo, what can I say? She is one of a kind; she’s the youngest of the bunch and the spoiled one. She practically gets what she wants from her family (except Nya) because her family feels guilty she grew up without a mother. However her reign of being spoil comes to an end when her cousin Era moves in. The manga begins with her first year in High School (16yrs old). She is highly influenced by black comedy and stereotypes, so she will be the only one that will be using a lot of ghetto slang in the manga. She is more proud of her African American Heritage than Japanese side. In fact she hates being Japanese. When Mitzo was in Elementary, she was always made fun of because she was thicker and darker than all the other girls. She used to come home every day with tears in her eyes believing that was the reason her mother left; thus, the origins of the spoiling. However, in Mitzo first year of junior high, she decided enough was enough. She realized no matter what she does, it never seemed to help her relationship with her classmate, so she rebelled and place herself in the “don’t care club”. She found a group of outsider by her second year in junior high: a Korean (Hitomi), Chinese (Jia), and a Japanese Emo (Atsuko). Currently, Mitzo is in an unstable relationship with her boyfriend, Darnell Matthews, the only African American who attends her school. The only reason she’s dating him is because he’s black. So every time he tries something (touchy), she dumps him but end up with him the next day. She’s a loud mouth girl who speaks her mind. Although girls spread rumors about her being a slut, she’s actually the complete opposite and have only kissed her boyfriend.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Nya (Unsure version)

Nya is the second oldest sister and the smartest one out of the bunch. She was the hardest one to draw. I just couldn’t decide how I wanted to have her eyes. And I’m still not sure if I want her hair to be this way. I see her as the logical and analytical one who is sensitive inside but put on a don’t care attitude. She is like the driest sarcastic character that gets under Honna’s skin. She’s the only person Mitzo will actually listen to, especially when Nya is serious. She attends Kyoto University, and she is majoring in Chemical Engineer. Out of her two sisters she is the best racer. She knows a lot about cars and can build one out of scraps. Currently she drives around in a moped she built when she was 16. Although it’s a piece of junk she is really proud of it. She dress like a guy and is believed to be a Lesbian. Although she goes on several dates with females, it’s always short live. Truthfully, she dates for free meals. So she’s the least experience when it comes to relationships. Her best friend is Su Cheol. They have been friends since they were eight years old. She spends most of her time with him looking at auto parts or studying, or listening to his female problems. Oh, and she is the only one who knows the family secret which made her the person she is today.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Honna is the oldest sister; she took on the
motherly role when their mother left. You can say she’s the most normal sibling. In this picture, I made her sad because she is full of regrets. She is 23 years old; she doesn’t have a job, steady relationship and still live with her father. She blames her mother because Honna had to sacrifice her own life to stay with her young sisters who she feels don’t appreciate her charity. She doesn’t get along with Nya (middle child) because Honna feels Nya doesn’t appreciate the sacrifices Honna made. Honna dropped out of college to make sure things were running smoothly at home. However, now she has become Daddy’s chasm in his wallet. She’s always asking for money to get her hair done, clothes and she is very high maintenances. Basically, she’s a freeter. Freeter is a Japanese expression for people who are free loaders. Currently, Honna not comfortable in the skin she’s in; she acts like she’s confidence in herself but she’s really a nervous wreck. She envies Nya’s complexion because she’s the lightest of the bunch. When Honna was in high school, she found out the only reason guys were interested in her was because they were curious; she was exotic and packed a little extra if you know what I mean; they didn’t necessarily liked her. She discovered this sad truth the hard way. After several heartbreaks, she learned to use her body to get what she want when she want it. Oh and a little jokes that goes on into the Rhodes’ house is that Honna is her Dad’s wife (making her mommy) because she replaced her mom. By all means their relationship is strictly father and daughter… or is it.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Although I haven't been posting, I'm still working on my research and dialogue of this manga. Currently I'm working on the physical features of Nya but I have Honna's down pack. So hopefully sometime this week when I'm able to get internet I will post a pic and characteristics of Honna.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Type of Race

I’m so psych right now I’m bubbling with elated joy. These past few days I have been researching on the type of race these girls should engaged in. First I went to the library (children’s section of course) to find books on Nascar racing; I didn’t know that was the only kind besides stock racing, vintage racing, etc. but from my understanding it’s all under Nascar. And I’m like greaaat got to learn all the rules to make my story legit. So I googled Nascar Racing and found a irrelevant website for dummies (Wikipedia) and it told me that Nascar rules is only for members and that is all they will reveal (Besides the fact that it’s based on a point system). So I was like fudge you Wikipedia I’m going to make my own race and I did!
The name of the racing company I’m going to create is called The Troika Circuit because it’s a group race of three members. There are three major races. One will be in Tokyo (Japan), the other in Hong Kong (China), and the last in Seoul (Korea). However, before the participants are submitted into these races, they have to rack up enough points in three challenging races. So the season starts like this, First a lap race (around a circle), second an obstacle race (going to have them do something dangerous and challenging) and third a rally race (racing in a dangerous part of the country because of its weather or landscape). If they can rack up enough points in all three races then they can enter the first Major race and that will be in Tokyo. Are you following me? If not don’t worry its all outline below.
1.       Tokyo
a.       Lap race
b.      Obstacle race
c.       Rally Race (Sapporo City/ Area)
2.       Hong Kong
a.       Lap race
b.      Obstacle race
c.       Rally Race (Taklamaka Desert/Tarim Desert High way)
3.       Seoul
a.       Lap race
b.      Obstacle race
c.       Rally Race (Chuseok Mountain)

Thursday, June 30, 2011


I know I'm supposed to post a section of my story tomorrow but research is kicking my butt, not to mention time. He refuses to invest his treasures with me. Ahhhh, I  don’t know anything about car racing, Japan or mechanical engineering, it just sounds cool. If any of my few readers do know anything about Japan, Mechanical Engineering and racing and will love to bless me with your knowledge, I’m all ears. However, I will post a fun fact I learn and will incorporate in the story tomorrow.  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Focused Story

Okie dokie, So I guess it's obvious, the story I'll be working on will be Dashing Troika. Thanks for the comments and the vote everyone. And Hannah, you really describe what I was thinking on Lilac Spirit and African Dreams. One of these days I will finish them. However Dashing Trioika seems to be everyone favorite. I just want to warn my readers that it will most likely be just pure dialogue. So you have to have a wild imagination. Feel free to ask questions if you have any. I’m sure you may have a few. Remember it’s a working progress and rough draft.  So by July First I’ll post a section of what I have been working on every Monday. Once I get a hang on it I might set a time, probably sometime after 8pm, who knows. But it will be on Mondays. Yay, let the writing begin!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I’m sorry; I have been trying to change my settings so people who don’t have Gmail could still comment on my blog. However, unless you have a Google Account, Live Journal, WordPress, OpenID or Aim account, you can’t; and if you can, it’s beyond my knowledge. I kind of look up OpenID, and they are saying something like you can keep your account and comment, but I don’t want my readers do more than they have to. So, I changed my setting where if you want to comment without using any of the above accounts you can just pick anonymous. I know this can be a risk, and I might have a few crazy people putting crap on my blog but I’m willing to take the risk! Oh, and if you do pick anonymous please indicate who you are if I know you. Hopes this helps out Keisha, and Teesha. Love you guys.   

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My Goal!

If I can get at least 10 votes on a story within the next two weeks that would be great! If not, oh well, I'll just work on the one that have the most views and interest. So by June 20th I will announce which story I will be working on, and around July 1st I will be posting sections of it every week.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keep the votes and comments coming!

I'm thankful for the two who commented and those who voted. If you didn't do one of the following, Shame on you! Just kidding, but really give me your opinion. I'm looking for reader's choice. Help me help you. Tell me which story you find more interesting and Vote! It's that easy. Once I get a good number I will begin writing and post every week (God's willing). I know we are living in a busy society so I won't post a lot, just enough to keep you guessing and wanting more. Yay! Ok let the comments and the votes begin! Chaaaargge!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dashing Troika

Honna 23, Nya 20, and Mitzo 17 are sisters who love motor racing, and they live in Japan. They suffer through the hardship of being mix kids growing up in Japan (black and Japanese) and growing without a mother. Their mother left them when Mitzo was 4 years old. After she left, their father became a drunk, so Honna had to take on the motherly role. Honna feels like she sacrificed a lot and hasn’t been appreciated for taking care of her family. Nya, is the nerd and tomboy of the family. She’s currently in College for Mechanical Engineering and is in love with cars and motorcycles. Nya is believed to be a lesbian but is indifferent about that insinuation. Mitzo on the other hand is the loud and crazy and wannabe ghetto type. She hates her mother, and she is spoil by her sisters and father for being the youngest. In other words, she’s a handful. However, their world changes when their cousin from their mother’s side, Eira, moves in. Eira is a 16 yr. old Christian Sabbath keeper. Her goal is to convert this family into God fearing people. However, she has a long and hard task in front of her. (2011)

Royal Dreams

In Ancient Africa, a successful ruler name Artumo had three daughters. Instead of trying for a son, he decided that he will allow one of them to inherit the throne after him. However, that daughter has to prove she is worthy of the throne and vow she will never get marry or have any sexual relations because it impairs good judgment. The oldest denounce the throne. She is highly sexual active at the time, and her parents are looking for an eligible suitor to strengthen their alliance. The middle child is the most determine. The novel will involve around her. She is the captain of her country’s force and a skilled archer. Currently, she hates the youngest daughter who is the wisest one. The youngest follows the laws of God and is in the lead of taking the throne. However, she hides a dark secret which can drop her out of the race. In addition, Europeans are exploring Africa. Each African kingdom is afraid there might be an invasion, so they strengthen their alliances with neighboring kingdoms just in case. (2007)


       This story begins in a small town in China. Since the age of 5 yrs. old, Mui have been waiting for her mother’s return. She was left to live with her aunt and cousin on a small rice field. She is the only half breed (black/Chinese) in miles and has to hide that identity, for it was her mother’s instructions. So for 11 years, Mui have been living in secret. She has been searching for the meaning of life and her existence. Mui notices she is physically and mentally stronger than everyone she has encountered. What she doesn’t know is that she was a science’s experiment. She has a Microchip implanted into her brain that enables her to use 70% more the average human can use. (2006)

Lilac Spirit

Tamika Davis is a high school sophomore in Brooklyn, New York. She is the co-captain of the butterfly dance crew. She struggles between being a true Christian who follows God’s laws, and doing what she wants to do. Her Grandmother on her mother side, Joyce, is trying to keep her on God’s path, but there are many obstacles. One of her obstacles is ending the clash between the cheerleaders and dancers in her Boys and Girls High school. In addition, Tamika faces many problems at home. Her Father left her mom, and her older brother ran away. Her mother is struggling to keep her job working in the Brooklyn school system but the odds are against her. During this time, Tamika craves her mother attention but is not sure if her mother even have time to think of her. (2004)