Thursday, June 9, 2011


I’m sorry; I have been trying to change my settings so people who don’t have Gmail could still comment on my blog. However, unless you have a Google Account, Live Journal, WordPress, OpenID or Aim account, you can’t; and if you can, it’s beyond my knowledge. I kind of look up OpenID, and they are saying something like you can keep your account and comment, but I don’t want my readers do more than they have to. So, I changed my setting where if you want to comment without using any of the above accounts you can just pick anonymous. I know this can be a risk, and I might have a few crazy people putting crap on my blog but I’m willing to take the risk! Oh, and if you do pick anonymous please indicate who you are if I know you. Hopes this helps out Keisha, and Teesha. Love you guys.   

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