Monday, May 23, 2011

Dashing Troika

Honna 23, Nya 20, and Mitzo 17 are sisters who love motor racing, and they live in Japan. They suffer through the hardship of being mix kids growing up in Japan (black and Japanese) and growing without a mother. Their mother left them when Mitzo was 4 years old. After she left, their father became a drunk, so Honna had to take on the motherly role. Honna feels like she sacrificed a lot and hasn’t been appreciated for taking care of her family. Nya, is the nerd and tomboy of the family. She’s currently in College for Mechanical Engineering and is in love with cars and motorcycles. Nya is believed to be a lesbian but is indifferent about that insinuation. Mitzo on the other hand is the loud and crazy and wannabe ghetto type. She hates her mother, and she is spoil by her sisters and father for being the youngest. In other words, she’s a handful. However, their world changes when their cousin from their mother’s side, Eira, moves in. Eira is a 16 yr. old Christian Sabbath keeper. Her goal is to convert this family into God fearing people. However, she has a long and hard task in front of her. (2011)

Royal Dreams

In Ancient Africa, a successful ruler name Artumo had three daughters. Instead of trying for a son, he decided that he will allow one of them to inherit the throne after him. However, that daughter has to prove she is worthy of the throne and vow she will never get marry or have any sexual relations because it impairs good judgment. The oldest denounce the throne. She is highly sexual active at the time, and her parents are looking for an eligible suitor to strengthen their alliance. The middle child is the most determine. The novel will involve around her. She is the captain of her country’s force and a skilled archer. Currently, she hates the youngest daughter who is the wisest one. The youngest follows the laws of God and is in the lead of taking the throne. However, she hides a dark secret which can drop her out of the race. In addition, Europeans are exploring Africa. Each African kingdom is afraid there might be an invasion, so they strengthen their alliances with neighboring kingdoms just in case. (2007)


       This story begins in a small town in China. Since the age of 5 yrs. old, Mui have been waiting for her mother’s return. She was left to live with her aunt and cousin on a small rice field. She is the only half breed (black/Chinese) in miles and has to hide that identity, for it was her mother’s instructions. So for 11 years, Mui have been living in secret. She has been searching for the meaning of life and her existence. Mui notices she is physically and mentally stronger than everyone she has encountered. What she doesn’t know is that she was a science’s experiment. She has a Microchip implanted into her brain that enables her to use 70% more the average human can use. (2006)

Lilac Spirit

Tamika Davis is a high school sophomore in Brooklyn, New York. She is the co-captain of the butterfly dance crew. She struggles between being a true Christian who follows God’s laws, and doing what she wants to do. Her Grandmother on her mother side, Joyce, is trying to keep her on God’s path, but there are many obstacles. One of her obstacles is ending the clash between the cheerleaders and dancers in her Boys and Girls High school. In addition, Tamika faces many problems at home. Her Father left her mom, and her older brother ran away. Her mother is struggling to keep her job working in the Brooklyn school system but the odds are against her. During this time, Tamika craves her mother attention but is not sure if her mother even have time to think of her. (2004)