Monday, May 23, 2011

Lilac Spirit

Tamika Davis is a high school sophomore in Brooklyn, New York. She is the co-captain of the butterfly dance crew. She struggles between being a true Christian who follows God’s laws, and doing what she wants to do. Her Grandmother on her mother side, Joyce, is trying to keep her on God’s path, but there are many obstacles. One of her obstacles is ending the clash between the cheerleaders and dancers in her Boys and Girls High school. In addition, Tamika faces many problems at home. Her Father left her mom, and her older brother ran away. Her mother is struggling to keep her job working in the Brooklyn school system but the odds are against her. During this time, Tamika craves her mother attention but is not sure if her mother even have time to think of her. (2004)

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  1. For an audience of High Schoolers I think this would be a great story line. So many of those situations are easy to relate to for many teens. If Tamika can learn to deal with them properly I think that can help the readers make the right choices in their own lives.