Monday, May 23, 2011

Dashing Troika

Honna 23, Nya 20, and Mitzo 17 are sisters who love motor racing, and they live in Japan. They suffer through the hardship of being mix kids growing up in Japan (black and Japanese) and growing without a mother. Their mother left them when Mitzo was 4 years old. After she left, their father became a drunk, so Honna had to take on the motherly role. Honna feels like she sacrificed a lot and hasn’t been appreciated for taking care of her family. Nya, is the nerd and tomboy of the family. She’s currently in College for Mechanical Engineering and is in love with cars and motorcycles. Nya is believed to be a lesbian but is indifferent about that insinuation. Mitzo on the other hand is the loud and crazy and wannabe ghetto type. She hates her mother, and she is spoil by her sisters and father for being the youngest. In other words, she’s a handful. However, their world changes when their cousin from their mother’s side, Eira, moves in. Eira is a 16 yr. old Christian Sabbath keeper. Her goal is to convert this family into God fearing people. However, she has a long and hard task in front of her. (2011)


  1. (It's Kate) Hiya. I think you should choose the story you have the most ideas for right now since that will be easiest to write. This one and the story in Africa seem to be the longest/most flushed out right now so one of these two might be a good starting position!

  2. I like this one the most of them all!!! Write about this.

  3. Thanks for the comment you guys. I have been working on this on recently because I had a feeling it will be the most interesting. Unlike the others Racing Lives is going to be a manga. So if I end up focusing on this story, don’t laugh at my pictures lol.