Sunday, September 11, 2011


Oh Mitzo, what can I say? She is one of a kind; she’s the youngest of the bunch and the spoiled one. She practically gets what she wants from her family (except Nya) because her family feels guilty she grew up without a mother. However her reign of being spoil comes to an end when her cousin Era moves in. The manga begins with her first year in High School (16yrs old). She is highly influenced by black comedy and stereotypes, so she will be the only one that will be using a lot of ghetto slang in the manga. She is more proud of her African American Heritage than Japanese side. In fact she hates being Japanese. When Mitzo was in Elementary, she was always made fun of because she was thicker and darker than all the other girls. She used to come home every day with tears in her eyes believing that was the reason her mother left; thus, the origins of the spoiling. However, in Mitzo first year of junior high, she decided enough was enough. She realized no matter what she does, it never seemed to help her relationship with her classmate, so she rebelled and place herself in the “don’t care club”. She found a group of outsider by her second year in junior high: a Korean (Hitomi), Chinese (Jia), and a Japanese Emo (Atsuko). Currently, Mitzo is in an unstable relationship with her boyfriend, Darnell Matthews, the only African American who attends her school. The only reason she’s dating him is because he’s black. So every time he tries something (touchy), she dumps him but end up with him the next day. She’s a loud mouth girl who speaks her mind. Although girls spread rumors about her being a slut, she’s actually the complete opposite and have only kissed her boyfriend.

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