Sunday, October 16, 2011


Era (ee-rah) is Honna’s Nya’s and Mitzo’s cousin from their mother side. She is about a couple of months younger than Mitzo so they both are first years in high school. Era moves in with the Rhodes sisters two weeks after the death of her parents. She is a Sabbath keeper. Basically she is a Christian who worships God on the seventh day of the week. Era discovered a dark secret about her cousin and put it upon herself to teach them about God to help them in the many trials they would have to face in the future. Era is known for carrying her bible with her 24/7 and talking to God. She’s a vegan and sincerity sweet. You may sympathize with her because the Rhodes sisters are going to give her hell. But on some parts I believe you will laugh. She really wishes to get close to Mitzo, but Mitzo hates her guts.
Oh just to let you know it took me forever to draw Era (need more “How to draw Manga” books). When I first drew her she looked just like Tohru Honda from Fruit Basket (Best Manga Ever!!) but Sam (my bf) wasn’t too happy about that so I had to change her hairstyle.
Ps. Sam hates how Era looks, but I love it. He took forever to shade it that’s why my post is so late.

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